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Mom Says Son Didn't Shoot Anyone 'Because He's Gay. Gay People Don't Shoot Kids' (Video)

Ahh, parents.

Through thick and thin, they always have their kids' backs.

It’s not surprising that a Pennsylvania mother recently insisted that her son was not involved in a shooting that left two toddlers in critical condition. What is surprising, though, is her reasoning for why her son is innocent.

“My son is gay,” the mother said. “Gay people don’t shoot kids. Certain men don’t shoot kids.”

Oh right, I forgot about that.

As of right now, five people have been detained by Wilkes-Barre police for possible involvement in the shooting. In case you were wondering, one of them is the woman’s gay son.

Here is the video of the woman defending her son. I’m sure her reasoning will hold up really well in court. 

Source: Gawker


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