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Mom Says Police Broke Her 10-Year-Old Son's Leg After He Filmed Them

A police officer searching for a man who they believed violated an order of protection reportedly broke a 10-year-old Brooklyn boy’s leg after the child began filming him.

Courtney Silvera was reportedly eating cereal at his kitchen table when police knocked on the family’s door to ask for information about his mother’s ex-boyfriend. But Courtney’s grandmother, 61, who reportedly suffers from brain and lung cancer, answered the door and had trouble understanding what cops were asking. The little boy reportedly began filming the episode with a cell phone.

At that point, one of the officers reportedly kicked Courtney in the shin and broke his leg, according to a complaint filed at the Brooklyn Federal Court, reports the New York Daily News.

Courtney’s mother, 30-year-old Krystle Silvera, says her son looks up to police officers, who have visited their house before because of a domestic violence complaint, and was filming them because he wants to be a detective one day. She says she was helping her 5-year-old daughter get ready for school upstairs when she heard her son screaming, “You can’t do that! You’re hurting me! Don’t hit me!” and ran downstairs.

That’s when things got even more twisted, according to Silvera. The mother, who is a nursing student at Long Island University, said she was wearing just her underclothes when a police officer pulled her outside into the cold. Her breast reportedly popped out of her clothing and she says one of the cops flicked her nipple ring and said, “Is this what mothers look like these days?”

Silvera was reportedly charged with assaulting cops and was released two days later on $1,500 bail. She pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, but is reportedly seeking unspecified monetary damages for alleged civil rights violations.

Courtney’s leg was fractured, according to doctors. Three of the officers were reportedly treated and released at a hospital for minor injuries following the incident.

Source: New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Dave Hosford/Flickr, Aaron Showalter/NY Daily News


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