Mom Says Her First Grader Was Restrained At School and Suffered Bruising


The mother of a first-grade boy in Oklahoma is livid after her son Terry reportedly came home from school with bruises on his body because she says a school resource officer restrained him for his behavior.

Kimi Gann of Guthrie says she noticed the marks on her son’s body after he took off his shirt when he came home from school. The child had reportedly been “throwing things” at school and “hit a teacher” when the officer restrained him, reports Terry is also reportedly currently suspended for a different outburst, but Gann says that fact has nothing to do with how her son was unfairly treated.

“That doesn’t need to be done to a child,” Gann said. “No matter what they’ve done.”

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Right now, Gann doesn’t have all of the details of the incident. After she posted photos of her son’s bruises on Facebook – where they were shared almost 300 times – Oklahoma DHS visited her and said they would look into the case.

But Gann says she was soon told by DHS that the case was closed and no additional information was provided.

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“I don’t know what escalated in the restraining,” Gann said. “I guess they couldn’t calm him down.”

Guthrie School administrators were unavailable to speak with KFOR on Wednesday and have yet to provide comment on this incident.


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