Mom Reveals How She Was Betrayed By Two People She Trusted Most


A woman who gave her teen sister a home when she was homeless has spoken of her “devastation” after her sister went on to have an affair with her ex-boyfriend and bear his child.

Kelly Delaney, from Chorley, Lancashire, England, invited her younger half-sister, Rachel, to live with her when the girl was having problems with her mother. Kelly, who was 19 at the time, said she was close to her sibling, then 15, and when Rachel told her she was having problems, Kelly immediately offered to take her in.

“Rachel and I are half-sisters, and we have the same dad. We lived together for a while when she was little, and we shared a bedroom and we went horse-riding together,” Kelly, now 27, said.

Kelly had recently left the house she shared with her boyfriend, Ashley Mercer, now 28, and their son, James, because of problems in their relationship.

Kelly and Ashley got together 11 years ago when she was 16, and she didn’t hesitate to introduce him to her sister at the time.

“I fancied him and I could tell he liked me too. He wasn't your typical good-looking heartthrob, but there was something about him. He was very self-assured and a bit cocky and I think I fell for that,” said Kelly.

After only a month of dating, Kelly and Ashley fell in love and moved in together in March 2005.

In 2007 they had a son, James, together, now 8. Kelly recounts how Rachel was a loving aunt.

After problems developed in the relationship, Kelly and James moved out of the home they had shared with Ashley into an apartment on their own. Kelly still loved Ashley, and he was James' father, but the relationship was strained.

Following an argument early in 2009, Kelly went to Ashley's apartment for to confront him about their relationship.

It was then that she discovered another woman: then 17-year-old Rachel.

Rachel eventually gave birth to Ashley's daughter, reports Daily Mail. Rachel and Ashley dated until March 2010, when Rachel moved on to another partner.

In March 2011 Rachel gave birth to a daughter and who she first believed was the child of her new boyfriend. It turned out to be Ashley's child.

Kelly told the Daily Mail how she felt when she found her sister was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend: “I was sickened by the test results. It means that James' cousin is also his half-sister, which makes it all seem very seedy.” 

She added: “The two children are the real victims in all of this and it breaks my heart. They have only met once, at a family funeral, and I have no plans for them to see each other again. They will grow up not even knowing each other. James does see his dad sometimes but Ashley is under strict instructions that James must not go anywhere near Rachel or her daughter. It's so sad but it can't be any other way.”

According to The Sun, Kelly says she is having problems moving on from the despair:

“If my sister can betray me like that, who can I trust? I no longer have contact with my family because I just can't get past the fact that my sister slept with my son's father. Despite everything, I do miss Rachel. We were friends and we shared a lot together. We ought to be watching our kids grow up together, enjoying trips to the park and the cinema with our families, and planning the odd mums' night out.

“But there is no way back for us now.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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