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Mom Reveals The Bizarre Reason She Prefers One Of Her Kids Over The Other

Australian mom Amie Cox raised some eyebrows around the media circuit recently when she explicitly said she prefers one of her sons over the other. Cox made the admission during a TV interview with "SBS Insight," during a show that explored how sibling rivalries impact childhood development.

When about her preference, Cox didn’t hesitate.

“Alex,” she said, reports Daily Mail. “If you said choose one to live or die, I wouldn't be able to... like I love them equally. But Alex has a smell that he's had since he was born. I sniff him all the time. There's some sort of smell connection.”

Cox says her older son, William, experiences the same scent-based connection with Alex as she does.

“William has the same smell connection with Alex as I do,” she said. “It's about the science behind pheromones. They were on the couch the other day and William said ‘Alex, isn't his skin so soft and he smells so nice’ and of course Alex said, 'get off me!'”

In Cox’s case, "SBS Insight" sought to find out if Cox’s preference for Alex would have a negative developmental impact on William. Cox doesn’t think it has.

“They still fight, but there's nothing vicious or violent about it,” Cox said. “They are like puppies or tiger cubs. They're rowdy, but they're not particularly competitive.” 

Sources: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Screenshot, SBS Insight


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