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Mom Returns Wallet Containing $1K To Set Example For Young Daughter

A North Dakota woman wanted to set an example for her seven-year-old daughter after finding a wallet that contained $1,000 in cash, so she decided to return it to the owner.

J. Pat Wiggington reached out to WDAY News in Fargo after the woman returned his lost wallet to him. He wanted them to run the story so that people would know what the kind woman did and also so that he could find out who she was. Once the story aired, the woman contacted the station and explained why she decided to return the wallet.

“We looked in it to try to find a license. Noticed there was an incredible amount of cash in there,” said Sadie Hill, a single mom who works two jobs to makes ends meet. “The only option was to return it. But, I called my mom and I said you know, God is really testing me today.”

Hill wanted to set an example for her seven-year-old daughter Adalee, so the two drove to the address that was on the license and returned the wallet to Wiggington. At the time, Wiggington gave the mother $20 in cash as a token of his appreciation, but upon being connected again following the initial news report, Wiggington wound up sending Hill a $200 gift card to help her buy school supplies when Adalee, 7, starts first grade in a few weeks.

“He didn't have to, he certainly didn't,” said Hill. “Thanking me on the news was enough! I'm overappreciative of that.”

“The mom did such a great job showing her daughter this is the right thing to do,” said Wiggington.

Sources: WDAY, ABC News, Time


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