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Mom Rents Son Car For Prom, Something Tragic Happens

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A Florida teen was killed in a car crash on the way home from prom after his mother rented him a sports car to celebrate the occasion. 

Taletrius Bradley, a high school football star with a promising future, was coming home from his senior prom in the Corvette when he lost control of the car and was thrown from it. He died from his injuries, while passenger Demetrius Palmer was critically injured.

Bradley died just five days before graduation.

"He was going to be going to college," the teen's football coach Jevon Glenn told the Sun Sentinel. "It’s really sad to see how he worked so hard to get the opportunities that were afforded to him. He was well on his way."

At the time of his death, the 19-year-old Bradley was getting close to deciding which school to go to and had just qualified for a football scholarship.

"Academically, [Bradley] had done so well in the classroom, he could have gone to [college] without football," Glenn said. 

"Football was really a plan B. He’ll be truly missed. He was a ray of sunshine within our team, within our program; that’s something we’ll never forget."

Palmer, a junior at the school and teammate of Bradley's, is expected to recover.

"They’re monitoring him; he’s got movement," Glenn said. "We’re just really waiting on him to wake up and come out of it."

Glenn said he visited the scene of the crash after getting word at around 3 a.m.

"I could tell just from seeing the car and the layout of the whole scene that it was bad," he said. 

Tammie Singletary, Bradley's mother, told WPLG that she wanted to do something for her son in celebration of his accomplishments.

"He's doing something with his life. He's going to prom. He's graduating," she said. "I wanted to put a smile on his face."

Singletary said her son had planned on going to the University of Tampa.

"It could've happened to anybody," she said. "Like I said, he could have had a Toyota and it could have flipped over."

Many readers expressed heartbreak over the teen's death.

"I think mom's heart was in the right place. She just wanted to do something really special. However, I think she's going to find herself in a legal nightmare. There is no way he would be allowed to drive that car alone at his age. Very sad," one Daily Mail reader commented.

"The poor mom will always blame herself. She shouldn't but how does a mother not? Very sad, he had his whole life ahead of him," another added. 

Sources: Sun Sentinel, WPLG, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Vegavairbob/Wikimedia Commons

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