Mother Says Dirty Shopping Carts Pose Health Risk

An Australian mother has issued a warning to parents about the dangers posed by dirty shopping carts at stores.

Vivienne Wardrop took her 10-month-old son Logan to a grocery store in Queensland's Gold Coast on Sept. 13. The next day, he began vomiting and running a temperature, Daily Mail reported.

Vivienne took her son to the doctor and after explaining she had not been anywhere else with Logan, the doctor suggested his sickness could have come from a dirty shopping cart.

“I didn’t even think about it,” Vivienne told the Gold Coast Bulletin. “I just popped him in and did a quick shop.”

She explained that Logan touched the cart and put his hands in his mouth.

“I hadn’t been anywhere with him in a week, so doctors advised that’s the only place he could have got it,” she said.

The day after the shopping trip, Vivienne noticed Logan was unwell as soon as he woke up.

“On Wednesday morning I got him out of bed and he had really bad diarrhea. It had gone through his clothes and bedding,” she said.

“I was trying to give him a bottle and he was vomiting,” she added.

A doctor said Logan needed lots of fluids and rest, but after his condition failed to improve, Vivienne took him to hospital.

“They did lots of blood tests,” she said.

Logan was diagnosed with adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella and meningitis. He spent 10 days in hospital.

“He wasn’t even crying when they were sticking him with multiple needles, that’s just how sick he was,” she said.

Logan’s temperature and heart rate were so high he was placed in the ICU.

“Water was pouring out of him. He lost [28 ounces] in three days which is a lot -- about 10 per cent of his weight,” Vivienne added.

Although he is home now, Logan will still need some time to recover.

“Probably another week or so at least. Because of the salmonella and rotavirus together, his gut has been stripped of everything, he was pooing blood,” Vivienne noted.

The mother took to Facebook to remind parents to use a blanket or wipe down the cart before using it.

Sources: Gold Coast Bulletin, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Vivienne Wardrop/Facebook via Daily Mail

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