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Mom Promises Burglar: 'I’m Going to Blow Your F-ing Head Off!'

“If you move, you’re gonna go to the morgue, because I’m going to blow your f-ing head off!”

That was the warning that Tammy Takach of Ohio gave to a home intruder who picked the wrong house to rob. Takach told police that she was taking a nap when she heard a noise in the other room. She grabbed her pistol an confronted a burglar trying to steal her air conditioner, of all things.

Takach later described the confrontation to the police: “He stood up and put his hands up. He said, ‘I’m just going to go. I’m sorry.’”

That’s when Takach issued her deadly ultimatum. The burglar wisely listened to Takach and waited for the police to arrive on the scene. The burglar reportedly begged Takach not to call the police, but Takach ignored his pleas.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Takach’s son was sleep upstairs. Takach’s husband, Anson, told reporters that there are several guns in the Takach residence, but this was the first time that any of the family members were forced to use a gun against an intruder.

“We go to the range as much as we can. We own a lot of firearms,” he said. “I’ve had extensive training with firearms, so I teach her and my son how to be responsible and to remain calm in situations like that.” Clearly, all of that training paid off.

Ryan Geary, the 23-year-old intruder who was most definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time, could have as much as nine years to think about his mistake. Geary has been charged with burglary and possessing criminal tools. He was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Nine years in jails could be a hefty penalty for a nicked air conditioner, but at least Geary came out of the confrontation with his head intact.

Source: WTOV


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