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Mother Pleads Guilty To Killing Her Two Children

Mother Pleads Guilty To Killing Her Two Children Promo Image

An Indiana mother pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in connection with the fatal stabbings of her young children.

According to the Daily Mail, Brandi Worley called 911 on Nov. 17, 2016, admitting that she killed her 7-year-old son Tyler and 3-year-old daughter Charlee.

First responders arrived at the family's home to find the two children dead. According to court documents, Brandi told police that she killed her children because she didn't want her husband to take them. Her husband, Jason Worley, had reportedly filed for divorce before the killings took place.

Brandi was hospitalized for self-inflicted stab wounds to the neck after first responders arrived at the scene.

The mother's 911 call was released following the children's deaths, in which she can be heard telling the dispatcher, "I just stabbed myself and I killed my two children."

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Brandi told the dispatcher that the bodies were "in my daughter's room on the floor."

When asked by the dispatcher what caused her to kill her children, she replied, "My husband wanted to divorce and wanted to take my kids. I don't want him to have my kids."

She added, "There's blood everywhere."

The dispatcher asked Brandi how she was feeling at one point and she said that she was "just tired," adding that she "took a lot of Benadryl."

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Court documents show that the mother told police she used a combat knife to kill her children and stab herself.

Jason filed for divorce just one day before his children were killed. He was reportedly asleep in the basement of the family's home when the killings took place.

According to the Mirror, Jason shared a series of posts on Reddit explaining that he felt he had "failed" in his "job" as a father to protect his children.

In one post, Jason described how he felt when he returned to the home following the killings.

"Today has been hard, I went back to the house for the first time," he wrote. "The cleaning company has already come and gone. I don't know if it is all in my head or not but I swear I could smell blood when I went in Charlee's room. It was heart wrenching to be hastily grabbing the remnants of my life and throwing them in the back of a van. I just couldn't be in the house any longer."

Brandi is scheduled to be sentenced on March 19.

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