Mom Pleads Guilty to Burning 18-Year-Old Son's Penis With Lighter


Christine Gelineau was sentenced to nine to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty last Thursday to first-degree assault and witness tampering.

The Concord, N.H. mom (pictured) reportedly used a lighter to burn her 18-year-old son's penis and nipples with a lighter in April.

She then told him to tell authorities that the injuries were self-inflicted.

According to court papers, Gelineau finally admitted to police that she burned the tip of her son’s penis, but did so because he supposedly threatened to have sex with her.

Gelineau said she put gloves, twisted his penis and held a lighter to the organ for several seconds while he screamed in agony, reports the Concord Monitor.

Assistant county prosecutor George Waldron said the teen suffered permanent nerve damage to his penis.

Gelineau was also accused of stabbing the boy in the stomach with a pen and forcing him to eat worms.

“He was also told that if he did not eat some worms that were provided to him that they were going to burn his penis. He did in fact eat the worms,” said prosecutor Tracy Connolly.

Daniel Cantrell, a friend of Gelineau, goes to trial in November on charges associated with the abuse, notes CBS Connecticut.

Cantrell allegedly twisted the 18-year-old’s ankle until it broke, forced the teen to eat feces, kicked the boy, tied him up and pressed a lit cigarette to his skin.

A cousin of the teen, also involved in the bizarre case, is scheduled to file a plea next month.

As far the motivation for the abuse, the victim, who is mentally challenged, was no longer receiving government financial assistance because he wasn’t enrolled in school, so the assaults may have been motivated by the loss of income.

Sources: CBS Connecticut and Concord Monitor


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