Mom Outraged Over Day Care's Handling Of 1-Year-Old Son


A North Texas mother was outraged to discover bruises on her son's face, which she believes was the result of his treatment at his day care center.

Elizabeth O'Rear posted a photo of her son Dakota Bogess's injuries on Facebook, and said two days later the bruises were still visible.

O'Rear dropped her son off at Armadillos to Zebras Daycare in Richardson, Texas, and was told at pickup that another child hit him.

"I understand, kids get hurt at day care," she told KXAS. "[His face] was just red and puffy, so I didn't know anything had happened."

Later, Dakota's face became bruised and covered in dark red lines that resembled a hand print. She was provided with an incident report, which stated that he "fell hitting his face on a toy."

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"I want them to be able to show me this is the toy that he fell on, or the kid hit him with this toy," she said. "I hope that is the story, but right now, to me, it looks like it is the hand print."

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is investigating the incident.

"I don’t want people to be punished that don’t need to be punished and if nobody really did hit him … Well, I just want the truth to come out," O'Rear said.

Sources: Q Political, KXAS / Photo credit: Q Political

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