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Mom Outraged After Finding Daughter's 'Racist' Birthday Cake (Photos)

A Cleveland, Ohio, grandmother was shocked to discover a racial slur written on her granddaughter’s birthday cake. 

Ronell Tucker said she ordered two cakes over the phone from a local supermarket, and one was delivered as it was ordered. The second cake, however, misspelled the name of her 6-year-old granddaughter. Instead of LaMiya, it read “LaNiga.”

“I was very upset and angry and it felt like racism to me cause how do you get one cake wrong and one cake right. You had to notice the mistake,” the girl’s mother, Ashley Hayes, said. 

“That was not right at all and it really upset a lot of people at her party and her,” Tucker added.

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LaMiya’s mother said she noticed the slur as she was taking pictures at the party. 

“All the other kids knew the words and they were like ooh they put that on her cake,” she said. 

“We were all in shock." 

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The family quickly called the store to inform them of the mistake, but things allegedly got worse.

“It's no mistake with a 'M' and a 'N' and a 'G' and a 'Y.'  It's no mistaking. It really upset me,” Hayes said. 

The manager of Dave’s Super Market, Burt Saltzman, said the spelling was an honest mistake.

“If you look at this 'M' could have been an 'N' and the 'Y' could have been a 'N.'  The girl had a bunch of cakes that day,” he said. 

Saltzman apologized to the family, admitting that the manager who initially handled the complaint “could have handled it in a better manner.” LaMiya’s family said they’re satisfied with how the situation turned out.

Sources: Cleveland 19KMOV / Photo credit: Cleveland 19

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