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Mom Opposes School Assignment Forcing Children To Praise Police

Alicia Moore was outraged when her 7-year-old daughter was told to draw a pro-police picture based on one of three sentences written by a teacher that praised the police department in Bakersfield, California.

James Moore, the father of Alicia's 21-year-old son James Moore Jr., was killed by officers in a Bakersfield jail in 2005.

The students at North Beardsley Elementary school were told to draw a picture on a piece of paper with sentences such as “Thank you for arresting the bad guys!” and “Thank you for saving our city.”

The teacher allegedly warned the students not to draw anything negative and told them to wear blue that day, which the school called "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day."

The school’s principal Aimee Williamson, wife of Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Williamson, reportedly encouraged teachers to participate via email.

The Free Thought Project reports that Alicia sent a letter to Williamson scolding her for pushing personal beliefs on the children. Alicia also said she would be keeping her daughter out of school today.

Alicia claims other parents are also keeping their kids out of school.

The Bakersfield Californian reported in 2010 that two officers, Daniel Lindini and Ralph Contreras, both received prison sentences in the beating death of James. Lindini got two years, while Contreras got 15. Murder charges against Deputy Roxanne Fowler were dropped after she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge. She received probation.

James was arrested on Aug. 15, 2005, for allegedly making criminal threats and was shackled for several hours. He was beaten four times by as many 15 officers, according to witnesses.

Contreras reportedly shared a photograph of James, who was brain dead in an ICU unit, with the caption, "Look we f----- this guy up.”

Kern County, California, ended up paying a $6 million settlement because of James' death, noted The Bakersfield Californian in 2009.

Alicia's "Justice for James Moore" Facebook page shows James' brutal injuries and says:

"The fourth incident began when they James into the parking garage, intending to put him in a patrol car and take him to Kern Medical Center for the prior Beatings he had just received ... James was on the ground when Roxanne Fowler kicked him in the head with her steel toe boots. After he was strapped to a gurney, multiple deputies, Daniel Lindini & Ralph Contreras hit Moore in the head with their fists and elbows. James, 30, died of blunt force head trauma six days later at Mercy Hospital."

Sources: Facebook, The Free Thought Project, The Bakersfield Californian
Image Credit: Defiant15E


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