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Police: Mom Kills Man Who Allegedly Raped Her Daughter (Photos)

Police: Mom Kills Man Who Allegedly Raped Her Daughter (Photos) Promo Image

A Florida mother is accused of murdering a young man who allegedly raped her 6-year-old daughter.

Police say Connie Serbu confronted 18-year-old Xavier Sierra in a wooded area about the assault before shooting him to death on July 7, 2016, reports the Daily Mail.

Serbu's brother, John Vargas, came along with his sister to confront the teenager. He was reportedly killed while wrestling with Sierra, who was attempting to flee.

After allegedly shooting Sierra six times, Serbu called the police herself, stating, "So I don't care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter ... she told me everything that happened."

Serbu says her daughter opened up about Sierra raping her in May 2016, several years after the alleged crime.

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While the child begged her mother not to hurt the young man, Serbu began planning the murder.

She allegedly asked the Sierra to come over to build a bunk bed, offering to pay him for the work. She reportedly picked the young man up and took him to woods instead of her house.

Police served Serbu an arrest warrant on Aug. 25, 2017. She faces charges of second-degree murder.

Serbu was already in jail for allegedly leaving Florida while she was being investigated as a witness in the homicide, reports the Miami Herald.

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"The arrest brings up a lot of old emotions," said Zachary Rodriguez, a friend of Sierra. "But it also brings a big weight off my chest and helps me take a deep breath. Things are taking a step in the right direction, and it feels good to know justice is being served."

News of the murder provoked mixed responses on the internet. Some defended the mother.

"I would do the same," wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"If he did it, one can hardly blame her," agreed another.

Others were less inclined to side with Serbu.

"As much sympathy as I feel for the woman and her daughter, it IS premeditated murder, so it's difficult to see where she'll get anything less than life in prison," wrote one person under Raw Story's comments section.

"I understand her feelings to an extent, but I don't get the feeling she wanted justice; she just wanted revenge, and she went for it without considering any alternatives," the commenter added. "As a result, since Sierra was not charged, much less convicted, of a sex crime, his family is torn by his murder. Serbu's brother is dead, and his family is torn by that. Serbu's husband and daughter have to deal with the fact that she is a killer, and an unrepentant one at that. Everyone loses in this story."

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