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Mom Makes Unfortunate Find On Her Restaurant Receipt (Photo)

A family was charged more money than they expected after dining at a restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia. WSLS 10 reports.  

Whitney Anderson, a mother of three, dined with her family at Abuelo's on Oct. 8. She tipped the server $10 on top of a total restaurant bill of $45.50. The next day, however, she noticed that $65.50 was drawn from her bank account rather than the expected charge of $55.50. 

When the Salem, Virginia resident went back to the restaurant to investigate, she was given a customer copy of the receipt from the previous night's dinner with $20 written in the tip line and an apparently forged signature. 

Anderson said the signature on the receipt looked nothing like her handwriting, and that she had originally filled out a merchant copy of the receipt, not a customer copy. 

According to a Facebook post about the incident on Oct. 9, Anderson neglected to take the blank customer copy out of the book when she signed the receipt. She speculated that the waitress that served her family that night must have thrown out the signed merchant copy with the $10 tip, filled out the customer copy with an increased tip of $20, and forged Anderson's signature to the new receipt. 

Managers at Abuelo's initially promised Anderson a refund of the extra $10 charged to her account within 10 business days. When Anderson posted the story and a picture of the forged receipt on social media and brought the incident to the attention of the press, however, the restaurant called her much sooner than expected and offered to refund the entire cost of dinner. 

“You’re not satisfied with your restaurant experience and I apologize for that," a restaurant manager reportedly told Anderson over the phone, according to WSLS 10. I would like to refund the entire value of your check." 

Anderson, a waitress for 11 years, said it was not the extra $10 charge but the breach of trust between customer and server that worried her. “It was almost a 25% tip and then they go behind you and fraudulently sign a name to a credit card receipt,” she told WSLS 10. “I don’t feel that’s any different than someone taking your debit card.”

She added in her Facebook post that the police are now involved. 

Abuelo's General manager, Jason Mcknight, has released a statement promising that restaurant management are "taking this complaint seriously and are investigating the details."

Sources: WSLS 10Facebook/Bitchy Waiter

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bitchy Waiter


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