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Mom Makes Horrific Discovery About Family Dentist When Daughter Comes Home With Bloody Mouth

Mom Makes Horrific Discovery About Family Dentist When Daughter Comes Home With Bloody Mouth Promo Image

A Jacksonville, Florida, dentist was forced to surrender his license and move out of state after being accused by several families of torturing children by performing surgeries without anesthetic, wrongly removing teeth and even wearing intimidating costumes and threatening children.

Brandi Motley, a Jacksonville mother, brought her daughter, Bri'el, to see 78-year-old Dr. Howard Schneider for a tooth pulling. Instead of pulling one tooth, Schneider reportedly pulled seven during the December 2014 procedure. Motley was told not to sit with her daughter during the procedure and was only told about the additional removals after she sat in the waiting room for three hours.

"[Bri'el] was hyperventilating," Motley said, Daily Mail reported. "She had marks all over her, blood all over her. In the parking lot, she takes her gauze out, and I notice that all of her teeth were gone."

Motley took to Facebook to expose Schneider's shocking behavior, which led to other parents sharing their own horror stories. Schneider was reportedly reimbursed by Medicaid for each tooth he pulled.

"So, can I cap a tooth twice? Yes. Can I then pull it? Yes," attorney Gus Sarris, the representative for dozens of people suing Schneider, said. "Can I then successfully obtain benefits for all three? Absolutely."

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Schneider was the only doctor in the area to accept Medicaid as insurance, the lawsuit against him stated.

After the allegations came to light, Schneider surrendered his license and was the subject of multiple investigations.

"I am moving to Charleston, where my wife is from," he told WLTV. "I am sick of it; I have done nothing wrong."

Harris questioned Schneider's decision to leave the state, saying that it "sounds like he's running."

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"What appeared from the outside to be an unremarkable pediatric dentistry practice, on the inside was a house of horrors ... where the most defenseless members of our society, indigent children ... are regularly assaulted," Sarris wrote in his complaint against Schneider.

Many readers accused Schneider of committing fraud against the parents and Medicaid for monetary gain.

"My old dentist did that too. Medicaid fraud. I let him drill holes in my front teeth for fillings I didn't need. They each had a tiny pinpoint discoloration on them. He drilled huge holes and put in loose fillings and the insides of my teeth were exposed and decayed under the fillings. My teeth are ruined. I went to a new dentist and took copies of my old X-rays and the new dentist told me those teeth didn't need fillings at all. He is now in prison," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"He should have been locked up if there was other cases Already Reported. Seems to me like other people are at fault for that happening to that little girl to. Like the police or social services for not shutting him down already. I'll sue the hell out all of them," another added.

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