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Child Saves Baby Brother's Life (Video)

Tila Levi only looked away from her 11-month-old baby for only a few seconds to deal with another child when every mother's fear came true (video below).

In the chilling video, the baby rolls off the changing table, dropping 4 feet down.

If it weren't for his 9-year-old big brother Joseph, the baby might have died, reports WSVN.

Joseph saved the day when he rushed to his brother, catching the nearly 30-pound baby at the last minute before he hit the floor.

“I would have never caught him, and I can’t run that fast, so I felt like something came and just pushed me forward,” he said. "And when that happened, I just ran and caught him.”

At first, Levi, from Bal Harbour, Florida, blamed herself, but now she is choosing to also see the frightening experience as a miracle.

"I was just getting everybody ready for bed and home alone with the five kids," she says. "At first I thought I messed up. I did something wrong. But then I thought that really it was just a miracle. I must have done something right to have been deserving of this little guy running in at the right time and catching him in the right moment."

She added, "It's almost as if somebody pushed [Joseph] over there and said, 'Go do what you gotta do.'"

Now Levi says she is also hoping the video of the incident will help other parents, while also reminding everybody to not take life for granted.

"It can happen to anybody and now I know who it's happened to," she said. "Everyone's been confessing about when they drop their baby. So obviously I am more careful but at the end of the day, it happens in a second. I think that all of our lives change in a second."

While Levi later called Joseph a hero, he says he is just grateful his little brother is alive and well.

“Miracles can happen always, but since this time it was me, I’m really thankful,” he said.

Sources: WBRC, YouTube  / Photo credit: Amy Riddle/Flickr

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