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Mom Lets Police Officer Mentor Teen, Then She Discovers What's Inside 14-Year-Old Daughter

A North Carolina police officer was arrested after accusations he impregnated a 14-year-old girl.

Lowell Officer James Blair was arrested at the home of the teen when he showed up while State Bureau of Investigation agents were speaking to the girl’s family on Sept. 1.

Blair, according to the girl’s mother, volunteered to mentor her children and she agreed after initially being reluctant to accept the offer. 

Blair and the 14-year-old were texting on her mother’s phone, WSOC reported.

“My heart was broken,” the mother told WSOC. “He tore my life apart.”

Blair reportedly came to the mother and offered to mentor her children after the 14-year-old girl ran away from home. Blair visited the home often and took the children on a trip.

One day, the mother discovered several texts on her phone that revealed her daughter was pregnant, and that Blair was the father.

“If you keep that baby I'm done and you know it,” one of the texts read.

“Do whatever you wanna do, just remember I love you and name it after me,” another allegedly read.

The alleged sexual encounters took place in the woman’s home as well as in Blair’s patrol car.

“He told me he took her virginity. He told me it was his baby. He told me things happened and he said he was so sorry. And he kept saying, 'Please forgive him,'” the mother said of the moment she confronted him about the incident.

The mother claimed Blair pleaded with her to get an abortion for her daughter.

“'Get rid of the baby or I've lost my life. I've lost my life.' How do I kill a baby? I don't kill no baby. I don't believe in abortion,” she said. 

Blair was charged with statutory rape of a child and jailed on $1 million bail. 

“We are encouraging the public to contact the SBI if they have relevant information or believe they may have had inappropriate contact with Blair,” SBI agent Audria Bridges told The Charlotte Observer. 

Sources: WSOCThe Charlotte Observer / Photo credit: WSOC 

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