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This Mom Left A Judge At A Loss For Words

One Florida woman is not going to win mother of the year any time soon.

Monique Miller, 34, appeared in court on Tuesday after she allegedly threw her baby from her car on Monday.

Miller was pulled over during a traffic stop in North Miami Beach, Florida. When they stopped her, police discovered that she was driving with her baby in her lap. 

Resistant at first, Miller began "yelling obscenities at officers and then tossed her baby out the window," according to the UK Daily Mail.

Thankfully, a quick-witted officer was there to catch the baby in time. 

At this time, officials are still not sure how old the baby is. 

In court, the judge ordered Miller to be seperated from her child to which she replied, "OK, I need a break anyway."

During her altercation with the police, she also kicked the door of the police cruiser causing the door to slam into the policeman's head. She faces charges for "child neglect, criminal mischief and battery on a law enforcement officer," according to the site.

She is still in jail on a $7,500 bond and was ordered to take presecribed medicine. 

According to, there are more than three million cases of child abuse each the cases involving over six million children.

Source: The UK Daily Mail Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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