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Mom Accused Of Leaving Young Daughter In Dumpster Near Spa Overnight (Video)

A Dallas woman is facing child abandonment charges for allegedly leaving her 7-year-old daughter in a dumpster near a spa overnight.

According to reports, 28-year-old Alicia Carroll went to the spa and had some drinks one evening before leaving her daughter in the dumpster. Carroll initially called police the next day to tell them she had left her daughter with a friend while at the spa so she could leave and “clear her head,” and the following morning, she couldn’t remember much else, reports The Dallas Morning News.

When police tracked down the friend, she claimed she saw Carroll leave the spa with her daughter and told authorities she was “extremely intoxicated,” reports WFAA

After searching throughout the city for the little girl, police eventually found her “filthy” and barefoot near the spa. After interviewing the child, police learned Carroll had made her get into the dumpster and left her there overnight. The girl reportedly fell asleep in the dumpster and started walking back to the spa when she woke up.

“(Carroll) told the (child) to get in a dumpster because the police were chasing them," the police affidavit reads. "(The child) stated (Carroll) helped her to get into the dumpster and then left her there by a busy street, in a high crime area in the middle of the night.”

The little girl was transported to a local hospital for treatment because she had cuts on her arms, and now, reports say she’s been released to family. Carroll has been charged with abandonment and child endangerment.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, WFAA

Photo Source: Dallas County Jail via WFAA


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