Sex Addict Mom Left Kids Home Alone While She Met Men

Sex Addict Mom Left Kids Home Alone While She Met Men Promo Image

A Missouri mother is speaking out about her decade-long struggle with sex addiction, an experience that endangered her life and the lives of her four children. 

Monique Price, 25, says she has been addicted to sex since she lost her virginity at age 14, according to the Daily Mail.

After she began feeling the overwhelming desire to have sex, she went to her doctor for advice. 

"When I was a young girl I could feel my body having these uncontrollable urges and weird feelings. When I went to the doctor he told me it was teenage hormones," Price said. "He asked me if I was sexually active but of course I lied because my mom was in the room." 

After she turned 15, Price began acting on those urges in dangerous ways. Price lied about her age, claiming she was 18, and engaged in an orgy with multiple men. 

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"Having the orgy was a new and wild experience to me and after that I became absolutely addicted to sex and needed it all the time," she said. 

Price continued to lie about her age to older men she met online, sneaking them into her house for sex when her parents weren't home. 

For Price, sex became her drug. 

"You will do anything to get that hit and you don't care how you get it or who you hurt along the way," she said. "It is just this uncontrollable urge that takes over your whole mind and body. I didn't realize what I was doing was dangerous because I was only thinking about myself." 

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"I was definitely a bad mother," she continued. "I would put my children to sleep then leave the house to have sex and wouldn't come back for days."

Between 3 and 6 percent of the U.S. population exhibits compulsive behavior that could be described as sex addiction, according to CBS News. 

Despite ongoing debate in the medical community about the legitimacy of sex addiction and the lack of formal diagnoses, treatment options have become plentiful in recent years. 

About 1,500 Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings take place every week and there are 2,500 certified sex addiction therapists in the U.S., according to CBS News. 

Price estimates that in 10 years she has had sex more than 1,000 times with more than 100 partners. She has been diagnosed with multiple STDs, some of which she reportedly contracted while pregnant. 

"Even when I was pregnant with my fourth child, the desire for sex just got stronger because of the hormones and I would have unprotected sex with lots of different guys," she said. "I picked up STDs that could have killed my unborn child and still I didn't stop because my body didn't want me to." 

After hitting rock bottom, Price's life has turned around. She's now engaged to the father of her fourth child and says they have sex twice a week. 

She still deals with urges, saying she wants sex "at least six times a day," but with fiance Brandon's help, she is working to overcome her addiction. 

"He helped me start going to sex addiction therapy groups which I still attend now," she said. "He asked me to marry him and now we're engaged and have a baby together. He looks after my other three kids like they were his own. We are a real family." 

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS News / Featured Image: Thad Zajdowicz/Flickr / Embedded Images: Pexels, Dan Eckert/Flickr

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