Mom Reportedly Leaves Kids At Park To Get A Tattoo (Photo)

Mom Reportedly Leaves Kids At Park To Get A Tattoo (Photo) Promo Image

Police arrested a mother in Oregon after she allegedly left her children in the park to go get a tattoo on Sept. 9.

The children, ages 3 and 8, were found alone hiding from the rain in a public restroom at Harleman Park in the city of Cornelius, reports Oregon Live.

One family called the police after spotting the young children alone.

Sgt. Bob Ray, a spokesman for Washington County Sheriff's Office, says police found the kids in a terrified state.

“The children were frightened when it began to rain and hid in the park bathroom,” Ray said.

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Ana Lisa Lara, 28, had reportedly left the children alone for an hour while she went to get a tattoo nearby.

According to Oregon law, it is a crime to leave children under the age of 10 alone without an adult chaperone.

As a result, when Lara came back 24 minutes later, police charged the mother with first-degree criminal mistreatment, recklessly endangering another person and second-degree child neglect.

Social media users were outraged the mother prioritized a tattoo over her children's safety.

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"With all the predators and horrible people out there she abandoned her own children," wrote one woman on MommyPages' Facebook page. "Must have a screw loose, glad that the authorities are involved. Thank you for calling the police, this could have ended in a tragedy."

"She has shown that a tattoo is more important than her children's safety," commented a second. "She's lucky that they weren't picked up by a Child molester. She shouldn't get them back for a while....she needs to take some courses."

While some agreed it was unwise for Lara to leave her kids alone, some still thought the Oregon law was unfair.

"OK guys, I am 58 years old," wrote one person in Oregon Live's comments section. "Leaving a 3 year old is clearly wrong.  Repeat, CLEARLY WRONG.  But the law says anyone under 10 leaving them alone is illegal? What snowflake created that law? When I was 6-10, me my friends, etc roamed everywhere within established boundaries. We all turned out fine."

The user noted: "Most of my friends came out fine w/college degrees. Somewhere btn 6 and 8, kids need a little off leash room, otherwise they are just another snowflake that will melt when a little heat comes."

"I'm 33 and my childhood was much the same," agreed another. "While I would never personally leave my kids alone at a park for that long, it's hardly the end of the world that this happened, and I think it's an extreme overreaction to arrest this woman and charge her with multiple crimes."

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