Mom Leaves Child To Attend Party, Returns To Find Rats Chewed Off Her Daughter's Face


In a nightmarish scenario, a woman reportedly left her 4-month-old baby daughter at home to go to a party only to find that rats had chewed off the girl’s face while she was gone. 

Lizbeth Jeronima Fuentes Munguia, 18, returned to her house in Acolman, Mexico, after midnight and found her baby lying in her crib, bloodied and unconscious, the Daily Mail notes.

Paramedics declared the child dead upon arriving at the scene. The 4-month-old’s fingers and face were shredded to pieces by the rodents as she lay in her crib on Jan. 4.

Munguia was reportedly arrested on suspicion of neglect, as was her mother, who was supposed to be watching the baby when the incident happened.

Neighbors, who gathered at the family’s house on Jan. 5, said that Munguia was a single mother. 

She had reportedly left the home to attend a party in the nearby area of Otumba for two hours.

Charges against the teenage mother have yet to be publicized, as officials are awaiting the results of the child's autopsy.

Sources: Daily MailSiete24 / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Jean-Jacques Boujot/Flickr

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