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Mother Caught On Tape Kicking Daughter In The Head (Video)

A video showing a woman kicking her child in a train station has received mixed reactions from people online.

The footage, which was captured by a witness, shows a woman yelling at her young daughter in what is said to be Japan’s Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo. The little girl can be seen screaming and crying while her mother yells at her, and just as the mother grabs the child and starts to drag her away, the little girl tries to resist. This does not sit well with the angry mom and suddenly, the mom lifts up her leg and kicks her young daughter so hard in the head that the little girl falls to the ground.

Immediately, the man shooting the video yells something at the woman who turns around to look, but she does not appear to respond and quickly grabs her child to leave.

The incident was said to occur back in March, but since it was posted to YouTube this week and shared on Reddit, many people have expressed their mixed feelings towards the mother’s choice of discipline.

“I believe that counts as child abuse,” writes one Reddit user.

Another user, however, chose to look at the video from a completely different perspective, saying, “No wonder the crime rate is so low with such tough authority figures.”

Do you think this mother crossed the line by kicking her child in the head? Check out the clip below.

Sources: YouTube, Reddit


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