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Mom Joins Teens in Fight After Facebook Name Calling (Video)

Name calling between two teens on Facebook recently turned into a real-life fight between the young people and a mom in Springboro, Ohio.

The bizarre fight was recorded by a witness via cell phone video (below).

Angel Izor drove her 15-year-old daughter to a local park on Saturday to fight another girl over a Facebook post, notes the police report.

At one point in the fight, Izor allegedly stepped in to hit the other teen and threaten her.

“I ain’t scared of nobody,” said Izor. “I will f--- you up.”

Izor has been charged with assault, endangering children and inciting violence.

"It was shocking,” the mother of the teen allegedly hit by Izor told WDNT. “She was actively involved in the fight and cheering on the fight. I see the video in my head and I’m just like, there are actually parents out there that do that.”

“I can’t sleep because I close my eyes and I see her touching my child in violence," the mom told WLWT. "It just sickens me."

Springboro Police Sgt. Aaron Zimmaro agreed. "We don’t expect parents to be driving their kids to fights," he said. "It’s not something that should happen.”

Police say 19-year-old Scott Reed, three other juveniles and the two daughters have also been charged.

Sources: WDNT and WLWT


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