Mom Arrested For Whipping Sons Learns Her Fate


A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, woman will not be prosecuted for whipping her sons.

Schaquana Spears, 31, was arrested June 20 for allegedly striking her 13-year-old son multiple times with an electrical cord, WHNT reports. She contends that she used a belt to discipline her son, who had lacerations on his arms and marks across his body.

Her two other sons, ages 10 and 12, also had visible injuries, according to The Advocate.

The boys were being disciplined for reportedly burglarizing a neighbor’s home.

“I was being a mother who loves her kids, who wants to protect her kids, and steer them in the right direction,” Spears said at the time of her arrest, WHNT reports.

“I reacted and I’m the bad guy, it’s not right,” she added.

The East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office will not pursue charges against Spears, according to The Advocate.

“At this time, I have no intention to prosecute,” district attorney Hillar Moore III said. “It would take something significant to change my opinion.”

Spears, who has six children, faced multiple charges of cruelty to juveniles.

“It doesn’t fit ‘unjustifiable pain or suffering,’” Moore said, referring to the state’s cruelty to juveniles law.

Moore added that justification can be used as a defense when the discipline of a minor by their parent is reasonable.

Brenden Craig, Spears' attorney, is very happy with the decision to not prosecute.

“We thought from the beginning that Miss Spears’ actions were reasonable,” Craig said.

“Hopefully she can get back to her normal life,” he said.

An investigation by State Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office is ongoing, but charges may be unlikely given his reaction to the case.

Landry said he is appreciative that his own mother did not “spare the rod” when he was a child.

Sources: WHNT, The Advocate / Photo credit: The Advocate

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