Mom Indicted After Police Discover Son's Remains In Her Car 10 Years After His Disappearance


The mystery of Quincy Jamar Davis' disappearance was solved with a simple traffic stop.

The missing teen's mom, 44-year-old Tonya Slaton, was stopped by a state trooper while she was driving along a Virginia Interstate on June 6, 2015, USA Today reported.

The trooper, who pulled Slaton over for driving with expired license plates, said he smelled a strong odor of rotting flesh coming from her Ford Mustang. When he opened the trunk, the trooper discovered Quincy's remains wrapped in two layers of trash bags that were sealed with duct tape, according to the Daily Mail.

Quincy was last seen in 2004, when a seventh-grader at Virginia Beach Middle School.

According to the Virginia Pilot, authorities believe Slaton killed her son between July 24, 2004, and July 24, 2005. Quincy was never reported missing, and police never launched an official investigation into the case.

Slaton was originally charged with a single felony count of concealing a body, but a murder charge was later added.

Slaton has a history of violent behavior and was arrested at least once for violence toward her son.

In 1997, Slaton was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery against Quincy. Police reports from the arrest said the boy, just 6 years old at the time, suffered cuts and bruises on his chest and back. Slaton avoided jail time despite the conviction.

Court records show Slaton was charged with domestic assault and battery in 2002, but the records are not complete, do not indicate who the victim was, and don't include information on whether Slaton was convicted of those charges.

In a third criminal case, Slaton was convicted of a felony count for firing a gun four times at her boyfriend's front door, the Daily Mail reported. Slaton was angry that her boyfriend tried to break up with her, court documents show, and the boyfriend was able to escape by climbing out of a window. Slaton served four years in state prison for the shooting conviction.

Slaton was indicted on the murder charge on Feb. 1. A preliminary hearing took place on Feb. 16, and another hearing is scheduled for the last week of February.

Sources: Daily Mail, Virginia Pilot, USA Today / Photo credit: CBS News

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