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Video Of Mother's 'Normal Day' Goes Viral (Video)

Video Of Mother's 'Normal Day' Goes Viral (Video) Promo Image

A video of a little girl telling her father about her day is resonating with mothers everywhere (video below).

For many, being a mother is considered the hardest job in the world. And while the to do list may seem never ending some days, a YouTube video offers perspective on how much a mother's hard work is appreciated, Faith Tap reports.

The video starts off with a man coming home from work to greet his wife and baby. He asks his wife how her day was, as the video cuts to flashbacks of the mother's eventful day.

In the clip, the mother is awakened to the sound of her young daughter crying from what appears to be a bad dream. She leaves her bed to go comfort the child. When the little girl and her baby sister begin fighting over toys, she steps in to break it up and mediate the situation.

While on a trip to the supermarket, the mother is seen cleaning up after her children, who seem to be leaving behind a trail of destruction wherever they go.

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The family buys a cake, but when the little girl goes to put it in the fridge, she drops it on the floor. Another flashback includes the all-too-familiar dirty diaper surprise most mothers can relate to.

The video cuts back to the mother, who appeared exhausted after her long day. Still, she musters up the strength to tell her husband it was just another "normal day."

But when the father asked the little girl how her day was, she offered a perspective that would pull the heartstrings of any mother:

Umm well, my mommy snuggled with my when I was scared. I love my baby sister so much. We laughed ... And mommy gave us lots of kisses. We went for a fun ride. But the best part of the day ... me and mommy had a food fight and it was the best day ever!

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The mother is seen moved to tears before the video cuts.

The clip went viral, amassing more than 5 million views since it was uploaded on May 12. Several viewers were touched by the video. Some mothers, and even fathers, said they were also moved to tears.

One YouTube user commented: "I needed to see this today. It's been a rough couple of weeks. Thank you."

"I'm a Dad and this has me in tears!" wrote another. "Father of two, third on the way, this hit home!"

"Thank you for making us realize that every day there is fun and magic, in the eyes of our children," another user added.

Sources: Faith Tap, Story of This Life/YouTube / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: YouTube via Faith Tap

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