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Mom Group Refuses to Kowtow to Gun Manufacturers With Plan to Dress Up in Bovine Costumes

Members of the grassroots organization plan to dress up as cows on July 9 to urge senators to push stricter gun control legislation. The group plans to milk the publicity stunt by handing out toy cows and key chains to senators that read, "Don't be cowed by the gun lobby! Let's get moooving on gun safety legislation."

"After the December 14 Sandy Hook tragedy thousands of our members contacted us and asked us to get involved from all over the county," uttered Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, the Executive Director and co-founder of "MomsRising has over a million members, and our members are touched by the daily gun violence epidemic that is in our nation right now, with more than 30 people being murdered by guns each day. Moms have really had enough with worrying about whether it's safe to drop their kids off at school, at a park, [or] at a movie theater and want responsible gun policy."

The group has beef with the lax gun control laws throughout the country. Members hope to enact common sense gun laws, such as stronger background checks and restrictions on military-style weapons. The problem? Gun control advocates pushed for universal background checks a few months ago following the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy, and the bill stalled out in Congress. It’s certainly unlikely that MomsRising will be able to make another bill succeed now that the national gun control debate has died down.

Still, the organization might be able to prod legislators into action at the state level, creating stricter gun control policies one state at a time.

Do you support the organization’s unorthodox gun control ploy, or do you think that it’s a steaming pile of manure?  

Source: USA News


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