Mentally Ill Mother Paranoid For Her Life Kills Kids

On May 17, a British court sentenced a mentally ill mother who murdered her two children at a women’s refuge to 24 years in jail.

Samira Lupidi, 24, was convicted of stabbing her children ages 17 months and three-years-old to death while they slept in November 2015, the Daily Mail reports.

She killed them after her husband, 31-year-old Carl Weaver, slapped her twice, causing her to run to a women’s refuge. Suffering from paranoia and depression, the woman believed Weaver was going to kill and kidnap her children.

"It's his fault. Now he has a reason to kill me. If I can't have them, he can't have them either. He was coming to get me. I had to do this," Lupidi said, reports BBC News.

While the judge, Justice Edis, said he believes she was a “good mother” to the children, Evelyn and Jasmine, and believes she feels remorse, he sentenced her regardless.

"I believe you killed these children in a spasm of violence triggered by a weekend of violent arguments," he said. "You had formed a delusional belief that you were in danger of being killed and that you were going to be abandoned and that you would not see the children again."

He would later refer to reports that even a week after murdering her children, she told prison medical staff the most important thing was that her was husband was still suffering.

“You killed the things you loved in a temporary rage, which will have everlasting and disastrous consequences for you. This passion was not long lasting, but it lasted long enough to see them both dead,” added the judge.

Meanwhile, Carl confirmed he had slapped his wife during an intense argument, but denied ever inflicting domestic violence, saying it was a “complete misinterpretation of reality.”

Instead, he agreed she had been  “a wonderful mother” who had never been physically abusive but was always troubled and paranoid.

The children’s grandfather on the father’s side, Peter Weaver, expressed his pain after the sentencing.

“We will all remember that day. Our lives are now filled with sorrow and our broken hearts will never heal,” he said.

“They have been robbed of their precious lives and we, as a family, have been robbed of being able to watch these beautiful girls grow into beautiful young women,” he added.

Sources: Daily MailBBC News / Photo credit: Ben Lack Photography Ltd via Daily Mail

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