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Mom Gives Autistic Child Medical Marijuana

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by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director

In the recent wake of Stiletto Stoners, comes part two of Marie Myung-Ok Lee’s brave and revealing account of how medical cannabis helps her autistic 9-year old son. Read part one here.

Marie and her son J. live in Rhode Island, a state where the legislators have both the chutzpah and foresight to have overridden two vetoes from the Governor (and pressure from the federal government anti-drug officials and law enforcement) in the last 24 moths to create the legal and public health framework necessary for Ms. Young and her physician to be able to effectively and safely treat J. with cannabis-oil cookies.

This essay, and others by women for whom cannabis plays an important role in their lives, are becoming more and more common in the mainstream media to the point where a forum or advisory body about ‘women and cannabis’ is certainly warranted.

NORML wants to convene such a confab in 2010 and seeks input from cannabis consumers and the general public about what kind of topics should be discussed and who should the speakers be. Please send your suggestions and feedback to:

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