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Mom Gets Threats Over Bear's Death

A California woman who called upon a friend to shoot and kill a bear that repeatedly broke into her home is now facing online backlash from others in her mountain community.

Julie Strauja, 34, says that she does not at all regret her decision to ask a friend -- who is also a hunter -- to shoot the bear if it returned again, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"It was a decision I had to make for the safety and welfare of my children and my home. I tried to use non-lethal ways of dealing with him. But nothing was stopping him, and I just didn't think there was any other option."

She added: "I’ve had death threats and my address posted all over social media."

Strauja moved to the community of Forest Falls on July 1, according to the Orange County Register.

State wildlife officials confirm that Strauja truly did nothing wrong in shooting and killing a bear which was inside her home.

But the backlash has been intense. One Facebook post on Strauja's page, which has since been deleted, read: "Contact me if you want to legally make their life a living hell."

Other users accused Strauja of being a "flatlander" who had "no business living on the hill."

Some neighbors, who have not given in to the social media mob mentality, still believe that Strauja had more non-lethal options available to her that she did not exercise.

One resident expressed her views:

I have lived here for seven years and never had a problem with a bear going in [my] house.

Go to a neighbor. Get in a car. They don’t hurt you as long as you leave them alone. My son walks home at 2 o’clock in morning. No problem.

The incident has prompted a meeting at the Forest Falls Community Center, where members of the Department of Fish and Wildlife will talk about how to interact with the local wild animals, and what precautions should be taken in doing so.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register / Photo credit: Gina Ferrazi/Los Angeles Times

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