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Mom Finds Mold Inside Daughter's Capri Sun

A mom posted a video to Facebook of the moment she discovered that her daughter’s Capri Sun drink had mold on the inside, and now, the video’s gone viral.

In the clip, the mom explains that her daughter was drinking a Capri Sun juice when something got caught at the end of her straw. The mother says that something looking like a worm came out of the end, and she immediately stopped her daughter from drinking it. When she got home, the mother started filming as she cut open the Capri Sun drink to discover that there was a large chunk of mold at the bottom of the package.

“Oh God, that's nasty, oh my God, that's disgusting,” said the mother in the clip.

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The mother in the video goes on to explain that before cutting open the Capri Sun her daughter had been drinking, they first cut open other ones and found small bits and pieces of mold floating around the drink. None of the other juice pouches, she says, compare to the one that her daughter was drinking, though.

While this is definitely a disgusting find, it’s not a first for Capri Sun. There have been numerous other documented cases of mold inside Capri Sun drinks for years now, and Kraft Foods, the company that produces Capri Sun, has reportedly taken steps to ease customers’ minds like giving the drinks clear bottoms.

“The reality is, mold spores are literally everywhere,” said company spokeswoman Caroline Krajewski earlier this year. “Most foods, especially those without artificial preservatives, eventually spoil and get moldy.”

Additionally, on the company’s FAQ page, they explain why mold may be inside of their Capri Sun product.

Sources: Mirror UK, Inquisitr


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