Mom Finds Mattress Stuffed Into Her Mattress, And Something Awful Inside The 2nd Mattress (Photo)


A mother from Arizona made an odd discovery after she bought a new mattress from Mattresses 101 in Phoenix.

The woman in question, Allison Kiefer, was with her baby when she saw a bug crawl across her bed. She immediately called an exterminator.

“The mattresses were fully covered in padding like a brand new mattress,” she says. “They had plastic coverings all over them.”

According to Yahoo! News, while Brent Agee, owner of MasterTech Pest Solutions, searched for where the bug came from, he discovered an old mattress that was stuffed inside of the new one Kiefer had bought a few months ago.

“A mattress inside a mattress, and actually that's the first time I actually heard about people doing that,” Agee told KRVK 3 On Your Side. “But that’s usually where you find bed bugs, is the mattresses. When we were trying to pull them off this bunk bed they weighed about 100 pounds. Usually a mattress that size doesn't weight that much.”

The MasterTech team went through Kiefer’s entire home and ripped everything up. They found bed bugs in her room as well as in the children’s room

KRVK 3 OYS reported that Mattresses 101 has no explanation for the incident, but says the store has never received any customer complaints about bed bugs.

“We categorically state that this store does not have bed bugs,” the store wrote in an email. “We purchase and sell brand new mattresses only.”

Mattresses 101 refunded Kiefer $200 for her purchase and an extra $200 to cover the cleaning expenses.


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