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Marijuana Discovered In Angry Birds Toy Bought At Target

Police have launched an investigation after a bag of marijuana was found inside a $5 toy sold at a Target store.

According to reports, a kindergarten-aged boy went with his father to purchase an Angry Birds Telepod game, and after getting home, he asked his mother for help opening the package.

“My son came down eager to open his new toy, “ mom Monica Milewska told CP24 News. “My son called me because he was unable to get the Angry Bird figures from the other end of the box. I came, grabbed the box and slit the tape from the other side. I went to hand him everything and noticed something unusual on the couch. Upon further inspection it looked like marijuana.”

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After showing her husband and mother the bag of marijuana, Milewska decided that they needed to call the police. Upon initial investigation, police reportedly determined the bag contained about 85 grams of weed, making the value of the drug around $850.

Milewska says that Target gave her son a new toy, but since the discovery, he has not been able to get it out of his mind.

“He could not sleep on his own and kept asking us questions --  Why it was in his toy? Who put it there? What was it?” Milewska said. “I guess Target lived up to their slogan, ‘expect more, pay less.’”

The Target location in Bramalea, Ontario reportedly searched the other Angry Birds toys but didn’t find drugs in any of them.

Sources: CTV News, CP24 News / Photo Source: CTV News, Wikimedia Commons


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