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Mom Falls In Love With Her Anonymous Sperm Donor

Australian woman Aminah Hart is going public with one of the most heartwarming and unlikely love stories you’ll ever come across. Hart, 42, is in love with her sperm donor.

Hart enlisted the help of a sperm donor after two failed attempts to birth a healthy child with previous partners. Both of her previous children died within months of their births due to x-linked myotubular myopathy, an often-fatal muscular disease that occurs almost exclusively in boys. Hart remained adamant about her desire to have a child, though, and says she decided to “give it one last go.”

She told MailOnline recently about the strangely impersonal process of picking a sperm donor.

“You don’t get a photo, it’s literally just a profile - less than a LinkedIn page, with vital statistics, age, body build, hair color, interests as a kid, and job,” Hart said.

Hart ended up selecting Australian farmhand Scott Andersen to be the genetic father of her child. Two traits of his – healthiness and happiness – stuck out to her.

“He also had a really clean genetic background and there wasn’t anything lurking in his family in terms of disability… I also looked at mental health because my own resilience had been what got me through the trauma I experienced and I wanted a child as equally resilient,” Hart said.  

Hart gave birth to a baby girl named Leila on August 14, 2012. A breathing problem in Leila gave Hart a brief scare, but an emergency surgery corrected the problem. Hart finally had a healthy child.

Hart contacted Andersen to send him photos of the child. During their conversations, Andersen said he would be open to meeting Leila. Hart obliged, and their first visit took place soon after. The visit went well and Hart, Andersen and Leila started meeting periodically. When the visits started happening multiple times a week, Hart noticed a change in her feelings.

“I thought ‘oh he’s actually quite gorgeous,’” Hart says. “I was confused about it and I remember saying to a girlfriend ‘I think I’ve got a bit of a crush on Leila’s dad.’”

One day, the three were in a car together when they stumbled into a gridlocked traffic jam. That traffic jam turned into a seven hour delay, and Hart and Andersen decided to pass time at a pub while they waited. A friend of Andersen’s offered to let them stay at his house for the night, and the rest is history.

“We had a few drinks and they put a mattress on the floor for us - one mattress between two people… but it was not awkward, I actually found him really protective of the baby and me and there was this sense that we were there as a family,” she says.

Over the next few months, that sense of family and comfort blossomed into an official relationship – one that Hart doesn’t see ending anytime soon. She calls their love a “beginning rather than a happy ending.”

“We fell in love,” Hart says. “It was surreal but an incredible experience.”

Here's a video featuring Hart talking about her story:

Sources: MailOnline, YouTube

Photo credit: Orange Sky Laundry


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