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Mom Does Something Awful To Newborn Baby (Photos)

Charges will be filed against the mother of a baby boy who was abandoned in a drain.

The newborn baby boy was discovered in a drain in Sydney, Australia. He may have been there for as many as five days.

Inspector David Lagats told The Daily Mail that enough information has been collected to charge the baby’s mother with attempted murder, as police believe she is responsible for leaving the child in the drain.

“As I understand it the mother will be charged with attempted murder,” Inspector Lagats said.

The single mother, 30, is Pacific Islander and lives with family in Sydney. The father has been identified, but police have not been able to locate him; he is not under investigation.

The baby was discovered by cyclists who heard him crying alongside the Quaker Hill motorway in Sydney.

“It was so intense; you couldn't not tell it was a baby. We couldn't see it but we could hear it. It was distressed,” David Otte, one of the four cyclists that found the baby, said.

Upon rescue, police concluded the baby had been abandoned and dropped just over 8 feet through an opening in the drain.

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The drain was covered by a concrete slab that weighed over 440 pounds. It took six people to lift the slab in order to rescue the baby.

"It was already undernourished and dehydration would have taken effect," Inspector Lagats said.

Police believe the child would not have survived the day due to the expected hot temperature had it not been discovered in the early morning, reports ABC.

“That baby had no chance if we and the other people hadn't been there. Something made us find that baby today,” Otte said. “I’m glad we got there to save him. He was very loud and he wanted to get out.”

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The baby boy is currently in serious but stable condition at the Children’s Hospital in Westmead.

“We all thought the worst but the baby was still alive,” said Inspector David Lagats. “Once we found out how far the drop was, we were concerned about the baby's welfare but it was wrapped up pretty well. It's a horrific incident ... but with all the team work from the bystanders too, it was a good result and hopefully the child will survive.”

While attempted murder charges are expected against the mother, she has yet to be formally charged.

Sources: ABCThe Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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