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Mom Discovers What Happened To Special Needs Daughter At School, Notifies Authorities

A Texas mother says her 12-year-old autistic daughter was sexually assaulted at school.

According to Audra Luna, from Corpus Christi, her daughter was assaulted after being dropped off at Martin Middle School one morning in August. It's unclear whether the alleged sexual assault took place at the school or somewhere else.

A police report states Luna’s daughter fell in the cafeteria, breaking her ankle, wrist and pinky finger. The girl's mother was called to the school to pick her up, and was horrified by her condition.

“Limbs were literally just dangling,” Luna told a local news station. "They were swollen. They were purple, and [I] had been told that they weren’t."

That night, her daughter emerged from the bathroom holding a bloody tampon — something nobody in their home uses. Luna then began to suspect sexual assault.

“She's only 12 years old, and her mind is like a 6-year-old, so to have to go through this, it's heart wrenching,” she said. "It's very painful."

Luna says school officials and police aren't taking the allegations seriously.

“We know the timeline for her on our property was roughly about 30 or 40 minutes, and she was with close adult supervision the whole time,” Corpus Christi Independent School District Police Chief Kirby Warnke said. "We can account for that time. Anything past that there's not much we can say on it."

Police are awaiting the results of a rape kit and continuing an investigation into the incident.

Luna is trying to transfer her daughter to another school district.

Sources: KRISTVKZTV / Photo credit: KRISTV


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