Mom Angered By Note Saying She Abused Disabled Parking

A Mother took to Facebook after receiving a note accusing her of taking advantage of a disabled parking spot at a Walmart in Pennsylvania.

Nikki Waller took her two sons to the store, one of whom suffers from childhood arthritis, WTAE reported.

However, nobody would know from looking at 7-year-old Alex about his disability because he wears ankle supports under his jeans.

“Reserved parking ***hole Did your welfare check come today?” the note left on the windshield read, WTAE reported.

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Waller was angry, especially because she left her placard hanging from her rearview mirror confirming her entitlement to use the space.

Waller posted the note to Facebook and her post was shared thousands of times.

“There are two words to describe you. The first is ignorance," she wrote, as reported by WTAE. "I am saddened by the fact that you obviously saw my children and I pull into one of four empty handicap spaces, saw our ages, and made [judgments]. Unfortunately, it is the youngest member of our group who requires this space."

Waller thinks the person judged the family based on their age and the fact nobody used a wheelchair.

“Just because you see a woman and two kids get out of her car doesn't mean they don't need that sign,” she told WTAE.

Alex also saw the note.

“I thought it was rude for people to do that because other people have problems too and you don't see it,” he said.

Nikki only intended for the post to be read by her friends, but hoped it would help change perceptions towards people with disabilities.

“I put the post out there, I didn't ask people to share it, I'm not calling out the person who wrote this but it's just an education for the community as to this exists, there are people with invisible diseases and illnesses who do need handicap parking," she added. "Just because 20 feet away they don't look like they do they may have something going on that you don't even know about."

Nikki and her family are not the only ones who have received unjustified criticism for using a disabled parking space.

In July, Aneta Prantera, a resident of St. Catharines, Ontario, found an angry note on her car after she used a handicapped space. The 29-year-old suffers from multiple sclerosis, the Toronto Sun reported.

Sources: WTAE, Toronto Sun / Photo credit: Julie Jocsak/St. Catharines Standard via Toronto Sun

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