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Mother Receives Cruel Note For Parking In Handicap Spot (Photo)

An Oklahoma mother was shocked and hurt when she read the angry note left on her car after she parked in a handicap parking space.

Colleen Stice from Tulsa, Oklahoma, parked in a handicap space at Target to go shopping with her son Rowan, 4, who is in a wheelchair due to several disabilities from which he suffers. Because of Rowan's disabilities, Stice has a permit to park in handicap spots.

According to the Daily Mail, Stice had to carry Rowan that day, as his wheelchair was being cleaned. He is only able to walk several steps on his own.

Another shopper saw the mother and son get out of their car and walk into the store and decided to leave a note, which Stice found when she returned to her car.

"We watched you pull into the handicap spot and get out carrying a toddler," the note reads. "You have no right to park in a handicap! It is for handicap people! Shame on you!"

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Stice was shocked by the note, and became angry that a stranger could be so judgmental when they don't know the full story.

"Immediately just, I felt shocked for a minute, but then I was just angry, I was so mad," Stice told KOTV. "I cried from being so mad because I couldn't believe someone felt the need to pass judgment on someone and to put it so cruelly."

The mother told KOTV that, despite having a permit, she rarely parks in handicap spaces because she worries about strangers passing judgment, exactly as the author of the note did.

"I try not to use it," she said. "Every time I do I feel like people are looking and judging and seeing me get out of the car and thinking I'm perfectly fine, why would I need to use it?"

Stice shared a photo of the note on her Facebook page. The post has been shared over 2,000 times and the mother received hundreds of comments of support.

"People can be hurtful," one commenter wrote. "No one can judge who actually needs a handicap sticker. Just because you can walk doesn't mean you are not sick or that you are not able to walk far. You wouldn't have the handicap parking tag if you didn't need it." 

Sources: Daily MailKOTV / Photo credit: KOTV

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