Body Found Matching Description Of Heroic Mom


A Texas mom saved her 4-year-old son's life before going missing.

Brandy Mosley, 33, a spa owner from Palestine, Texas, was on vacation with friends and family at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula when she saw her son struggling with "rough, large" waves near the shore, according to People.

"He lost his footing and was having trouble regaining his footing," said Galveston County Sheriff's Office Maj. Douglas Hudson. "She saw him in distress and retrieved him."

The boy had been wearing water wings and playing in the sand when a wave took him into the water, reports KTRK.

After she grabbed her son from the waves, she handed him off to a relative, who took the boy to a safe place, reports the Houston Chronicle. When the relative turned around, however, they found that Mosley had disappeared.

"They turned around and noticed she was not visible," Hudson said, noting that the incident took place about 25 feet from the shore. "It happened that quick."

"We're not sure if it was an undercurrent or riptide that grabbed hold of her or if she was knocked down by another wave," Hudson added. "We don't have a witness, all we know is she went under and never resurfaced."

A body was discovered matching the description of Mosley around two miles from where she was last seen. Authorities said they would need to do a fingerprint match to say for certain, but they were confident the body belonged to Mosley.

"We believe it's her," Hudson said.

Hudson said that Mosley was the second person to drown at the peninsula this year, after a fisherman lost his life in a strong current.

Local Ann Lawrence said that tourists seem to be the most prone to trouble in the water.

"They just don't understand how dangerous it is to these people out here," Lawrence said. "A lot of them are out-of-town vacationers. They just don't understand how bad it is out here."

"She was a wonderful person and a wonderful stepmother to my son and we are not ready for this, thank you," said a family member of the mother, who also had an 11-year-old stepson.

In May, about a month before Mosley saved her 4-year-old from the waves, she wrote a post about the boy on Facebook.

"When your 3 year old tells you, 'I'll always love you. And, I'll always keep you at my house. And, I'll always love your eyebrows,' you must be doing something right."

Sources: People, Houston Chronicle, KTRK / Photo credit: Angelo Gargano/Flickr

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