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Parents Warned About Bed Loops After Child Nearly Dies

After a British mother found her 2-year-old boy hanging unconscious from a bed base on April 29, experts are warning parents to be careful of similar loops on beds.

“I was in the bathroom and thought Buddy had gone quiet so I shouted up to him but got no response," said Buddy George’s mother,  Charlotte Hames, The Guardian reports. "I had a gut instinct something was wrong so rushed to our bedroom where he’d been playing and found him hanging by his neck from the bed’s lifting loop. He was blue in the face and not breathing -- I was frantic.”

The parents' bed was fitted with a loop to lift up the mattress to allow storage underneath the bed. Once the mattress is pulled up partially, a hydraulic system lifts it all the way up.

Buddy managed to start the lifting process, and then his neck got stuck in the loop. Luckily, the child made a full recovery after he was hospitalized.

"It appears Buddy had managed to trigger the lifting process but his slight weight was not enough to prevent the mattress continuing to rise when his neck got caught in the lifting loop and he was pulled upwards,” Dave Allen, a local council member, said.

“The strap effectively created a ligature that lifted him off his feet and it is only the fact that his mother found him in time that we are not dealing with a terrible tragedy,” he added.

Authorities are now advising anyone who had a bed fitted with a similar loop to remove, cut or tie it to prevent anybody from getting strangled by it.

"We don't want anyone else to go through what we've been through this week," said Buddy’s father, Anthony Anclif, BBC reports.

The National Bed Federation said it will investigate the incident, and is reviewing suggestions that beds with loops like these be recalled or banned.

“We take all safety issues seriously and we will ensure that we bring this to our members’ attention immediately,” Jessica Alexander, the federation’s executive director, said.

Sources: The Guardian,BBC / Photo credit: Tom Maddick/ via BBC

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