Mom, Darlene Hart, Arrested for Pushing Daughter into Fight with Classmate

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In Antelope, California, Darlene Hart pushed her daughter into a fight with 14-year-old Espie Duran in a park on Sunday night, which was caught on a cell phone video.

Hart is heard on the video saying: “That’s right, go get her. That’s right, that’s right.”

Julian Duran, Espie's father, told CBS13: “She brought her daughter fully in Vaseline up on her face and arms, to get her and to beat her and to rip her clothes off, which she did. She managed to tear the shirt to where my daughter’s breast came out during the fight at the park.”

The girls both attend Antelope Crossing Middle School and their fight lasted about 90 seconds, until a family friend broke it up.

Espie had a couple of scratches and was not charged, but Hart and her daughter were both arrested for conspiracy and battery.

To see a video of the student reaction to the fight -- and some of the footage of the girls squaring off -- click here.

Here is a photo os Espie:

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