Romanian Woman Cruelly Murders Baby For Shocking Reason


A Romanian woman was sentenced to 18 years in prison for murdering her newborn son, cutting his corpse in half and then removing his intestines.

Elena Smocot was arrested after she killed her baby in front of her four-year-old son and seven-year-old nephew at her home in Barlad, East Romania. Smocot, 27, told police she carried out the disturbing act after noticing her newborn looked nothing like her husband or other son, and exactly like the man she'd been having an affair with.

As soon as she realized the baby was likely her lover's, she decided to kill him.

Smocot admitted to police that she grabbed her baby by the legs and swung him around, bashing his head against furniture several times to get him to stop screaming.

She then went outside and stomped on the baby repeatedly. The two other children witnessed the brutal act of violence and ran to alert the neighbors. By the time neighbors and police arrived, it was too late.

Smocot used a broken roof tile to cut the baby in half, pull out his intestines and put them in the bath tub.

Smocot then turned on the shower in the tub and stood in the intestine-filled water while she bathed herself.

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"She described the way in which she took the baby's intestines out, she insisted on the officers recording the detail like the fact that she had to pull twice to get them out," prosecutor Alice Ruja said.

"She says she had to repeatedly chop at the corpse as well because it was not as easy as slicing chicken meat," Ruja added. "She took a shower in the same bathtub with the sliced body of her baby."

In addition to the prison sentence, Smocot had her surviving child taken away from her.

In a similar incident, a French woman was jailed for killing her eight newborn babies because they were born as a result of an ancestral relationship with her father, The Daily Mirror reports.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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