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Police Say Mother Staged Daughter's Kidnapping

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A Sacramento woman and her boyfriend have been arrested after allegedly hiding the woman's daughter in a bid to get "revenge" on her estranged husband.  

Shavaughn Vaugn, 43, reported her 10-year-old  daughter, Laprea Lee, missing from her home in Sacramento on May 31, KCRA reports. 

Vaugn reportedly told officers Laprea's father, Don Lee, had taken Laprea camping over the weekend, but never brought the girl home. Vaugn allegedly told police that she thought Don had kidnapped Laprea and that he was hiding her somewhere.  

Police spent much of the day looking for the girl, in a search that included officers, community members and a helicopter, reports KMAX.  

Someone close to Vaugn reportedly reached out to police to alert them that Laprea had not in fact been kidnapped.  KCRA reports police found Laprea at the home of 44-year-old Antwan Holliday, Vaugn's boyfriend.  Police say Vaugn and Holliday had staged the entire incident to make it look like Don had kidnapped his own daughter. 

According to police, Vaugn was upset her daughter was dropped off 15 minutes too early by Don, the girl's father, causing Vaugn to have to rush home from work.  That was what allegedly prompted Vaugn to stage the kidnapping.  

Vaugn even made a tearful plea to the media for her daughter's return, reports KMAX. 

"I was at work.  I got a call," Vaugn said.  "I have cameras, and my camera showed her at 10:55 a.m.  At 10:56 a.m we have no sign of her.  We have no sign of her.  We're just looking forward to bringing her home, please."  

Vaugn and Holliday were booked into the Sacramento County Jail on multiple charges, including false report of an emergency, obstructing police and conspiracy.  

Sources: KMAX, KCRA / Photo credit: Sacramento Police Department via KCRA

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