Mom: Polyamory Makes Me 'A Fabulous Mother' (Video)

A California woman credits extramarital sex with keeping her family together, saying it's made her a better wife and "a fabulous mother" to her kids (video below).

The woman, identified in a Barcroft TV documentary as "Gracie X," says she's in an "ethical non-monogamous relationship," which means she and her husband are free to pursue other relationships and don't hide that fact from each other.

Gracie says it helps prevent her marriage from becoming stale.

“It definitely has made me a better parent and a better wife — it’s made me a happier person," she said. “Domestic life can get spectacularly boring and I need a separate adult life. The downside of monogamy is monotony."

Ethical non-monogamy is "the practice of recognizing that one partner cannot fulfill all of one person’s needs and that sex and/or relationships are desired with outside partners," according to an academic paper on the subject.

Gracie spoke to Barcroft for the documentary as she is promoting a book she wrote about polyamory. When she's not writing or pursuing other relationships, she's a Pilates instructor, according to the New York Post.

She met her current husband, Oz, when she and her first husband, Hank, decided to experiment with non-monogamy. She says Oz is "this amazing male sexual animal," and his sexual adventures awaken something primal in her.

“It’s fun to explore and be out there and to have new experiences and it’s fun to take those experiences back and it’s fun to grow a relationship with Gracie," Oz told Barcroft.

Gracie and Oz say they've been transparent with Gracie's children, 16-year-old Tallulah and 11-year-old Merlin.

“I was about 10 or 11 and my parents sat me down and they told me they are going to start having special friends,” Tallulah said in the documentary.

“It took some getting used to, but now I think being polyamorous makes her a better mother because she’s happy ... I think it affected my view of relationships because now I know I can love the way I want to and really make a relationship in the way I want to and not the way society wants it to.”

Sources: New York Post, Academia.edu, Barcroft TV / Photo credit: Barcroft TV/YouTube

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