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Florida Mother Outraged By 7-Year-Old Son's Homework Assignment

The mother of a Florida elementary school student is outraged after discovering a homework assignment for second-graders about an armed robbery. 

Cary Stauffer was helping her son with his reading homework when she came across something troubling. Her son’s second-grade assignment read, “‘Give me all of your money, even if you don’t have much,’ said the young man. He seemed to have a gun in his pocket. Mrs. Edwards gave him some money, and the young man ran out of the store.’”

Stauffer could not believe what she was reading.

“We are talking about a story that came home in my son’s homework packet,” Stauffer told WSVN.

The reading homework containing that scene was assigned to a class of 7-year-olds at Spanish Lake Elementary School in Hialeah. Stauffer described the assignment as “100 percent inappropriate.”

The assignment featured six paragraphs detailing a scene in which a young man asks a store owner how much money she makes and proceeds to rob her with a gun in his pocket.

Staffer says she worries that the story could trigger ideas in young children that they wouldn’t necessarily have been exposed to at such a young age.

When the concerned mother talked to school officials about the assignment, she was assured by the assistant principal that the lesson would be removed immediately. But when her son returned home from school that day, the story remained in his packet.

“We live in an ugly world,” Stauffer said. “And there’s no reason for this type of material to make it to a child’s hand.”

The school district later announced the material would be officially pulled from the packet.

Stauffer’s concern comes following an incident on Feb. 5 in which an 8-year-old boy in West Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested after attempting to rob a grocery store using a gun stolen from his mother, reported WJAC.

Sources: WSVNWJAC / Photo credit: WSVN

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