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Mom Cooks Every Day With Baby In A Sling, Then Feels Something Burning On Her Chest

A young mother has shared her near-tragic story as a way to warn other parents of the dangers of cooking while wearing a baby carrier.

Molly Landis, a new mother from Milwaukee, was cooking in her kitchen on November 29, when suddenly, a fireball shot off the stove right at her chest.

According to MommyPage, Landis says she would normally be holding her four-week-old baby in a baby sling while she cooked, but this time, fortunately, she was not. 

She wrote about the incident in a post on her Facebook page.

"We know we all love being hands-free, especially with a needy babe," Landis wrote in her Facebook post.

The mother says that she believes there is a "guardian angel" watching over her as what happened next could have been much worse.

Landis' stove burner exploded while she was cooking, sending a fireball right at chest, neck, and face, right where her daughter's head would have been resting. Fortunately, this was a rare occasion in which Landis did not have her baby strapped to her chest.

"For the first time in her life she fell asleep in her swing and I wasn't wearing her while I was in the kitchen," Landis wrote.

The mother shared a photo of the aftermath of the stove explosion, along with a warning to other parents.

"This caused open wounds and burns to my face and chest," she wrote. "Yes, this is horrible and painful but I haven't been able to stop thinking about how lucky I truly am."

She continued, "The point of my message is to pleaseeeee be cautious of the activities we do while wearing our babies! Since this happened I have had so many moms say 'omg, I do that all the time.'" 

Landis said that she is "so grateful" her daughter wasn't in her sling during the explosion.

"We never think it could happen to us and I never thought it would happen to me," the mother wrote.

Landis' post has been shared more than 24,000 times since being posted two weeks ago.

Sources: MommyPageMolly Landis/Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook via MommyPage

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