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Mom Convicted Of Poisoning Twin Babies With Rubbing Alcohol (Video)

A Kansas City, Missouri, woman has been convicted of poisoning her twin daughters with rubbing alcohol.

Reports say that Gloria S. Jones, 23, mixed rubbing alcohol into her infant daughters’ sippy cups that were filled with chocolate milk. The incident, which happened in October of 2012, resulted in both girls being rushed to the hospital, where one almost died and had to be placed on a ventilator. Miraculously, both girls, now 3 years old, have fully recovered.

Jones has acknowledged her mistake, saying she was overwhelmed while caring for them and mixed the rubbing alcohol into their drinks in an attempt to calm them down because they were being “whiny.” According to reports, the father of the twins came home from work and started to bounce one of the infant girls on his knee, and when she vomited, he noticed that it smelled like alcohol.

Prosecutors note that it could take as little as eight ounces of rubbing alcohol to kill a full-grown adult, so an even smaller amount could easily kill an infant.

"It doesn't take much to put a child at risk," said prosecutor Daniel L. White.

After finding Jones guilty, a jury recommended that she serve no more than five years in prison. Sentencing will take place Aug. 7.

Sources: NY Daily News, Kansas City Star, HNGN


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